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Dental providers

Visit to submit changes to your practice information. Do not submit this form.

Network termination or closing a practice

If you are terminating a network affiliation or closing a practice, do not submit this form.

  • Refer to your provider agreement and our Contact Us page for instructions and address for submitting a network termination notice.
  • Exception: Removing one provider from a group contract only can be requested by submitting this form.

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Behavioral health providers: Please use the Behavioral Health Practitioner Areas of Clinical Focus Form to update your areas of clinical focus or modalities.

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  • Please complete both the Old and New Information sections if you are submitting updates to existing providers.
  • If you are adding a new provider to your practice, please complete only the New Information fields below.

Electronic contracting

All provider agreement notifications are made by email. Contractual documents must be reviewed and signed electronically by the person delegated (the legal contract signatory) to receive contractual notifications and sign provider agreements on behalf of contracted physicians or other health care professionals at your practice.

Legal contract signatory email:    

We recommend you use an email account dedicated to contracting that remains with the provider instead of an individual's email account. This will ensure future contractual communications are received regardless of staffing changes.

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  • If you are making changes to your practice location or tax ID, we require a signed copy of your 147C or CP575 letter. Please fax these documents to 1 (888) 289-1313 after submitting this online form.
  • If changing your tax ID, you must re-register with Availity Essentials and re-enroll in electronic funds transfer. We also recommend you send your new tax ID to us 30 days in advance. We can then issue a new agreement before the start date of your new tax ID to avoid a lapse in your participating provider status. If we are not notified in advance, you may be considered an out-of-network provider for the dates between when your original agreement is terminated and your new agreement associated with your new tax ID is issued.

Physical address

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An Asuris representative may contact you by phone to verify billing address changes.

Practice information

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  • In addition to interpreter services, all patient communications are offered in languages commonly used by the populations in our service area.*
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  • In addition to ADA accessibility, additional services are offered to patients with functional limitations (such as extended visit times, care giver coordination, scheduling flexibility). *
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  • We ensure cultural competency (language, beliefs, social structures) in the delivery of person-centered care.*
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Are you a Hospital and Free-Standing Facility Based Practitioner (HBFB) at this location?* If yes, we require a signed copy of your HBFB application. Please fax to 1 (888) 289-1313 after submitting this online form. Yes No  
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Provider data validation:

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We process updates within 10 business days and you will NOT receive a notification it has been completed.

If you have questions after 10 days, please contact the Provider Contact Center.

Please DO NOT submit another request.